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Return of the Thin Man

Fiction: Mystery & Detective
Unabridged   7.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 10/31/2012

Return of the Thin Man

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Audio CD ISBN:9781611749090
Digital Download ISBN:9781611749106


A landmark publishing event: a pair of never before published “Thin Man” novellas from the legendary Dashiell Hammett.
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Product Description

Dashiell Hammett was a crime writer who elevated the genre to true literature, and The Thin Man was Hammett’s last—and most successful—novel. Following the enormous success of “The Thin Man” movie in 1934, Hammett was commissioned to write stories for additional films. He wrote two full-length novellas for the films that became “After the Thin Man” and “Another Thin Man.” Hammett brought back his classic characters, retired private investigator Nick Charles and his former debutante wife Nora, in these two fully satisfying “Thin Man” stories, written with classic, barbed Hammett dialogue.

Neither of these stories has been previously published (except for a partial in a small magazine 25 years ago). Now together in Return of the Thin Man, these hugely entertaining novellas are destined to remain essential listening for Hammett’s millions of fans and a new generation of mystery lovers the world over.

The recording features Peter Ganim as Nick, Nicola Barber as Nora, and Scott Brick as the narrator. Additional character voices are provided by Emily Bauer, Dan Bittner, Cynthia Darlow, Richard Ferrone, Eliza Foss, Emma Galvin, Johnny Heller, Pete Larkin, Bill Lobley, Carol Monda, Rich Orlow, Paula Parker, Vinnie Penna, with Zane Birdwell, Nathan Rosborough, Iris McElroy, Barbara Vlahides, Fametta Sawyer, Tim Bader, Tyrrell Harrell, Kevin Fecu, and Alan Winter.


“Narrators Peter Ganim and Nicola Barber do capture the charming, boozy banter of Nick and Nora. . . . Scott Brick’s narration—crisp, properly hardboiled, and highly energized—creates a subtle, pleasing atmosphere for the proceedings. Acting as a sort of audio host, he compliments the actors with an on-point rat-a-tat delivery.”
      —Publishers Weekly

“HighBridge Audio, the answer to hard-boiled mystery lovers’ dreams for more than a year with its outstanding ‘Black Mask Stories’ series, now offers a double dose of Dash! . . . Offering two solid mysteries plus scholarly extras, Return of the Thin Man is a hunk of Hammett heaven worth celebrating. Drinks are on Nick and Nora!”
      —Library Journal [starred review]

“Scott Brick . . . holds our attention. . . . Ganim nails retired private investigator Nick Charles’ ethanol-fueled unflappability and smoothly honed wit, making Charles an ideal match and occasional foil for . . . Nora, played by Nicola Barber with wicked humor and worldly forbearance. . . . Hammett fans, new and established, will be pleased.”

“Peter Ganim and Nicola Barber shine as the witty Nick and Nora Charles, and Scott Brick’s narration securely anchors the story.”

“Peter Ganim and Nicola Barber manage a breezy idiom that evokes both the desperate gaiety of the period and the sophisticated airs of Hammett’s urbane sleuths. Scott Brick narrates the story in crisp tones, and a huge ensemble cast—unusual in a form that relies mainly on solo-voice performances—puts much character color into Nora’s rich and snooty relatives and Nick’s many lowlife friends.”
      —New York Times

“Caustic dialogue, shocking plot twists, and edge-of-one’s-seat suspense characterize these masterpieces of crime fiction, brought vividly to life with a stellar full-cast performance. Return of the Thin Man is an absolute ‘must-have’ for fans of Hammett’swork.”
      —Wisconsin Bookwatch

“Fans of the films will find virtually all the suspects and plot twists already present in Hammett, together with much of the banter between retired detective Nick Charles and his socialite wife, Nora, all wrapped up in the lightly comic tone established by [the original movie].”

Author Bio

DASHIELL HAMMETT was an American author of hard-boiled detective novels and short stories, screenplay writer, and political activist. He created enduring characters including Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon), Nick and Nora Charles (The Thin Man), and the Continental Op (Red Harvest and The Dain Curse). He died in 1961 in New York City. As a veteran of two world wars, he is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

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