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Let these audiobooks be that little voice in your ear telling you the right thing to do. Get advice on health, happiness, relationships, and a wide range of other 'how-to's.

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Great Leaders Grow

Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller; read by Chris Patton

The Secret introduced people around the world to a profound yet seemingly contradictory concept: to lead is to serve. With that as the foundation, Great Leaders Grow takes the next step, showing leaders and aspiring leaders how to keep growing their leadership abilities throughout their lives. Learn More
The Greatness Guide

by Robin Sharma; read by Adam Verner

The Greatness Guide will help you discover the personal practices of truly successful people, learn powerful tools for achieving work-life balance, and get to your highest potential, fast. Learn More
The Greatness Guide Book 2

by Robin Sharma; read by Adam Verner

Tired of playing small with your life? Feel like you were meant to be so much more? Ready to become spectacularly successful, breathtakingly effective and wildly fulfilled as you work and live at a level called extraordinary? Learn More
Grief Day by Day

by Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD; read by Adam Verner

When we are grieving the death of someone loved, we may struggle with making it through each day. How are we supposed to cope with our gut-wrenching grief and live our daily lives at the same time? What should we do with our chaotic, painful, and intrusive thoughts and feelings? How do we survive? And is it possible to both grieve and live with meaning and hope? Learn More

Tal Ben-Shahar; read by Jeff Woodman

An extensively researched, practical guide to becoming happy, based on the #1 most popular course in the history of Harvard University. Learn More
Hard Work

Roy Williams with Tim Crothers; foreword by John Grisham; read by Alan Winter

How determination took Coach Williams from an impoverished home in the mountains of North Carolina to the very pinnacle of coaching success, culminating in the 2009 NCAA National Championship (his second in five years). An inspirational story for anyone willing to commit themselves to their dreams. Learn More
Healing a Spouse's Grieving Heart

by Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD; read by John Pruden

Helping widows and widowers learn how to cope with the grief of losing their helpmate, their lover, and perhaps their financial provider, this guide shows them how to find continued meaning in life when doing so seems difficult. Learn More
Healing Anxiety and Depression

Daniel G. Amen, M.D. and Lisa C. Routh, M.D.; read by Alan Sklar

Bestselling author Dr. Amen reveals the major anxiety and depression centers of the brain and offers guidelines to determine the specific type of anxiety and depression from which one suffers, and provides a comprehensive program for treating each type. Learn More
Heartificial Intelligence

John C. Havens; read by Eric Summerer

As we program machines to be more like humans, how will they know what we value, if we don't know ourselves? Learn More
Hope and Help for Your Nerves

Dr. Claire Weekes; read by the author

A proven program that desensitizes over-wrought nerves and eases feelings of anxiety, panic, and depression by using a variety of breathing and relaxation exercises. Learn More
How Children Thrive

by Mark Bertin; read by Walter Dixon

Discover the proven ways parents can help their children learn, overcome adversity, get along with others, and become independent—while you relax and enjoy being a parent. Learn More
How to Bake Pi

Eugenia Cheng; read by Tavia Gilbert

A groundbreaking popular book that uses cooking to shed light on the heart of mathematics. Learn More
How to Be a Friend

by Marcus Cicero, Translator, Introduction by Philip Freeman; read by Shaun Grindell

An honest and eloquent guide to finding and treasuring true friends, How to Be a Friend speaks as powerfully today as when it was first written. Learn More
How to Be a Great Lover

Lou Paget; read by Lou Paget

Want to keep the spark of romance alive and glowing? How to Be a Great Lover is a totally modern guide that will spice up your sex life and drive your fellow wild. Contains explicit material. Learn More
How to Be Free

by Epictetus; Translator, Introduction by Anthony Long; read by Shaun Grindell

A superb new edition of Epictetus's famed handbook on Stoicism—translated by one of the world's leading authorities on Stoic philosophy Learn More
How to Be Well

by Frank Lipman, M.D., with Amely Greeven; read by Shaun Grindell

In his best-selling book, The New Health Rules, Dr. Frank Lipman laid out a modern manifesto for living a healthy and fulfilling life. How to Be Well is the essential follow up: a hands-on manual to mastering the habits, routines, and tactics that will help readers improve their health and establish the pillars of lifelong vitality. Learn More
How to Die

by Seneca, edited, translated, and introduction by James S. Romm; read by P.J. Ochlan

Featuring beautifully rendered new translations, How to Die also includes an enlightening introduction, notes, the original Latin texts, and an epilogue presenting Tacitus's description of Seneca's grim suicide. Learn More
How to Do Nothing

by Jenny Odell; read by Rebecca Gibel

NEW! Now Available

A galvanizing critique of the forces vying for our attention—and our personal information—that redefines what we think of as productivity, reconnects us with the environment, and reveals all that we've been too distracted to see about ourselves and our world. Learn More
How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure

Lou Paget; read by Lou Paget

Explicit yet instructive, fun yet tasteful, this enlightening audio also explains exactly why women respond the way they do. Contains explicit material. Learn More
How to Grow Old

by Marcus Tullius Cicero, Translator, Introduction by Philip Freeman; read by Roger Clark

Worried that old age will inevitably mean losing your libido, your health, and possibly your marbles too? Well, Cicero has some good news for you. In How to Grow Old, the great Roman orator and statesman eloquently describes how you can make the second half of life the best part of all—and why you might discover that reading and gardening are actually far more pleasurable than sex ever was. Learn More
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