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Let these audiobooks be that little voice in your ear telling you the right thing to do. Get advice on health, happiness, relationships, and a wide range of other 'how-to's.

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The Tell

Matthew Hertenstein; read by David Drummond

Is the candidate you’re thinking of voting for reliable? Will the person you’re dating be a compatible spouse? Is that guy on the street going to ask for directions or assault you? To make a reasonable prediction, you’ve got to be able to spot “the tell.” Learn More
Tech Generation

by Mike Brooks, PhD & Jon Lasser, PhD; read by Steven Jay Cohen

Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World guides parents in teaching their children how to reap the benefits of living in a digital world while also preventing its negative effects. Learn More
Take Control of Your Depression

Susan J. Noonan; forewords by Jerrold F. Rosenbaum & Timothy J. Petersen; read by Meredith Mitchell

In Take Control of Your Depression, Dr. Susan J. Noonan provides people experiencing depression with strategies to take stock of their mental state, to chart a course toward emotional balance, and to track their progress on the journey to well-being. Learn More
Swearing Is Good for You

by Emma Byrne; read by Henrietta Meire

In a sparkling debut in the entertaining pop science vein of Mary Roach, scientist Emma Byrne examines the latest research to show how swearing can be good for you. Learn More

Ori Brafman with Rom Brafman; read by John Apicella

Drawing on the latest research from social psychology, behavioral economics, and organizational behavior, Sway reveals the dynamic forces that derail our decision-making and our personal and business lives—and helps listeners avoid falling victim to those forces. Learn More
Survival Lessons

Alice Hoffman; read by Xe Sands

One of America’s most beloved writers shares suggestions for finding beauty in the world even during the toughest times. Learn More
Super You

Emily V. Gordon; read by the author

Superheroes dont start from glorious beginnings. Their origins are almost always marked by traumatic events that leave them helpless and scared. Batman witnessed his parents murder. Superman was sent away from his dying planet with no one to guide him as he grew up. Orphaned Catwoman was forced to steal food to survive on the streets of Gotham. Learn More
Stress-Free Diabetes

by Joseph P. Napora, PhD, LCSW-C; read by Matthew Boston

Stress-Free Diabetes offers a creative, imaginative, and practical approach to stress management.
Learn More
Strange Survivors

by One R. Pagan; read by Eric Martin

In Strange Survivors, biologist Oné R. Pagán takes us on a tour of the improbable, the ingenious, and the just plain bizarre ways that creatures fight for life. Learn More
The Stimulati Experience

by Jim Curtis; read by Roger Wayne

Using grounded scientific research, practical takeaways, insightful evaluations, and his own personal stories, Jim Curtis takes you on a journey of self-discovery so that you can radically improve your life. The Stimulati Experience is your ultimate guide to optimal health of the body and mind. Learn More
Still Here

Ram Dass; read by Steve Susskind

Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying is Ram Dass’ reflection on the joys, pains and opportunities that appear as we age. Learn More
Speak Up With Confidence

Jack Valenti; read by Jack Valenti

Public speaking is one of the most intimidating and important aspects of many jobs. Learn More
Sorry Not Sorry

by Naya Rivera; read by the author

Funny and deeply personal, Sorry Not Sorry recounts Glee star Naya Rivera's successes and missteps, urging young women to pursue their dreams and to refuse to let past mistakes define them. Learn More
Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children

John Rosemond; read by John Rosemond

Parents who practice this simple plan can free themselves from guilt, exhaustion, and anger—and free their children to lead happy, responsible lives of their own. Learn More
Signs from the Other Side

by Bill Philipps; read by Bob Souer

Who hasn't wished they could ask a departed loved one for advice, or heal an unresolved rift, or even just ask where they hid their grandmother's strand of pearls? While mediums sometimes resist the flow of communications they receive from the "other side," the best of them—like Bill Philipps—know what solace such messages can provide. Learn More

Francesca Gino; read by Tamara Marston

Discover how to identify and deflect the many hidden influences that confound our intentions and keep our true objectives out of reach. Learn More
Short Cuts to Happiness

by Tal Ben-Shahar; read by Neil Shah

In his trailblazing Harvard courses, internationally bestselling books, and lectures and videos, positive psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar has shared his essential, scientifically backed tools for finding fulfillment the world over. But even the happiness expert needs a boost from time to time! Learn More
Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life

Douglas T. Kenrick; read by Fred Stella

The founder of social evolutionary psychology—known for his brilliance and outsized personality—gives us a singular tour of the human mind. Learn More
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

Tracy Hogg with Melinda Blau; read by Tracy Hogg

There is nothing so joyous as the birth of the child—and, all too often, nothing so confusing, intimidating, and downright terrifying for the new parents. “Why won't she stop crying? How can I get him to go to sleep? If breastfeeding is nature's way, why isn't it easier?” Learn More
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

by Tracy Hogg; read by Gabrielle Baker

F O R T H C O M I N G ! Available February

In this groundbreaking book, Tracy Hogg shares simple, accessible programs in which you will learn: how to get baby to eat, play, and sleep on a schedule that will make every member of the household's life easier and happier; how to interpret what your baby is trying to tell you; and more. Learn More
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