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Let these audiobooks be that little voice in your ear telling you the right thing to do. Get advice on health, happiness, relationships, and a wide range of other 'how-to's.

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Love, Money, and Parenting

by Matthias Doepke & Fabrizio Zilibotti; read by Eric Michael Summerer

An international and historical look at how parenting choices change in the face of economic inequality. Learn More
Living at the End of Life

by Karen Whitley Bell, RNl; read by Nicol Zanzarella

Living at the End of Life is a surprisingly warm and informative resource on hospice and other end-of-life care options. Learn More
The Little Book of Talent

Daniel Coyle; read by Grover Gardner

The ultimate handbook for developing talent of any kind—52 simple rules from the author of The Talent Code. Learn More
The Lies That Bind

by Kwame Anthony Appiah; read by Kwame Anthony Appiah

From the bestselling author of Cosmopolitanism comes this revealing exploration of how the collective identities that shape our polarized world are riddled with contradiction. Learn More
Leadership Wisdom of Jesus

Charles C. Manz; read by Charles C. Manz

Remarkably contemporary, The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus challenges listeners to evaluate their own leadership style and consider time-tested wisdom to make them more effective leaders. Learn More
Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

by Robin Sharma; read by Adam Verner

This very special book has already changed the lives of thousands of people around the world in every imaginable business and from every walk of life. You have picked it up because you are ready for its gifts. Learn More
Lead Like Walt

by Pat Williams; read by BJ Harrison

NEW! Now Available

Whether you are building a small business from the ground up or managing a multinational company, you can learn the seven key traits for leadership success from one of the greatest business innovators and creative thinkers of the twentieth century: Walt Disney. Learn More

by Lorene Cary; read by Lorene Cary

NEW! Now Available
AudioFile Earphones Winner

In Ladysitting, Lorene Cary captures the ruptures, love, and, perhaps, forgiveness that can occur in a family as she bears witness to her grandmother's 101 vibrant years of life. Learn More
Kid Food

by Bettina Elias Siegel; read by Vanessa Daniels

F O R T H C O M I N G ! Available December

In Kid Food, nationally recognized writer and food advocate Bettina Elias Siegel explores one of the fundamental challenges of modern parenting: trying to raise healthy eaters in a society intent on pushing children in the opposite direction. Learn More
Keep Your Brain Alive

Lawrence C. Katz, PH.D., and Manning Rubin; read by Manning Rubin

These fun and easy exercises from the bestselling Keep Your Brain Alive fight the effects of mental aging and keep the mind fit to meet any challenge—and now they are available on audio. Co-author Manning Rubin is your “personal trainer,” through the exercises. Learn More
Joy Seeker

by Shannon Kaiser; read by Shannon Kaiser

F O R T H C O M I N G ! Available October

Joy Seeker is international speaker and empowerment coach Shannon Kaiser's transformational approach to life, drawn from her own life-changing experiences. Learn More
The Introvert Advantage

Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D.; read by Tamara Marston

The Introvert Advantage will boost the confidence of the one in four persons who are introverts while teaching them strategies for living successfully in an extrovert world. Learn More
Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring

by Francine R. Kaufman, MD, with Emily Westfall; read by Karen White

Dr. Francine Kaufman's Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring explains the advances in glucose management, and thoroughly discusses the technology, as well as the physical and psychological aspects of diabetes care. Learn More

Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler; read by Eric Conger

By drawing from the skills of hundreds of successful influencers and combining them with five decades of the best social science research, Influencer shares eight powerful principles for changing behaviors—principles almost anyone can apply to change almost anything. Learn More
The Infinite Desire for Growth

by Daniel Cohen, translated by Jane Marie Todd; read by Liam Gerrard

NEW! Now Available

Economic growth—and the hope of better things to come—is the religion of the modern world. Yet its prospects have become bleak, with crashes following booms in an endless cycle. In the United States, eighty percent of the population has seen no increase in purchasing power over the last thirty years and the situation is not much better elsewhere. Learn More

Marianne Williamson, Ed.; read by the editor

Essays by Sarah Ban Breathnach, Deepak Chopra, Anne Lamott, Thomas Moore, James Redfield, Gloria Steinem, Neale Donald Walsch, Gary Zukav, and many others. Learn More
If You Want to Write

Brenda Ueland; read by Pat Carroll

Much more than a tract about writing, this is a wise and witty call for imagination in all areas of life. It will appeal to everyone who's ever dreamed of creating something. Learn More
I Feel You

by Cris Beam; read by Susan Ericksen

A cogent, gorgeous examination of empathy, illuminating the myths, the science, and the power behind this transformative emotion. Learn More
How to Think about War

by Thucydides; translated by Johanna Hanink; read by David de Vries

An accessible modern translation of essential speeches from Thucydides's History that takes listeners to the heart of his profound insights on diplomacy, foreign policy, and war. Learn More
How to Tell Fate from Destiny

by Charles Harrington Elster; read by Charles Harrington Elster

With more than 500 headwords, How to Tell Fate from Destiny is replete with advice on how to differentiate commonly confused words and steer clear of verbal trouble. Learn More
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