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Dog Lessons

by Hersch Wilson; read by Patrick Lawlor

F O R T H C O M I N G ! Available September

A heartfelt reflection on what dogs can teach us when we open ourselves to listen and learn. Learn More
How to Find Mental Health Care for Your Child

by Ellen B. Braaten; read by Nicol Zanzarella

F O R T H C O M I N G ! Available November

Seasoned child psychologist and author Ellen B. Braaten offers clear and expert guidance to help anxious parents navigate the complexities of mental health care. Learn More
Forgiveness is a Choice

by Robert D. Enright, PhD; read by Kevin T. Collins

NEW! Now Available

Forgiveness Is a Choice is a self-help book for people who have been deeply hurt by another and caught in a vortex of anger, depression, and resentment. As a creator of the first scientifically proven forgiveness program in the country, Robert D. Enright shows how forgiveness can reduce anxiety and depression while increasing self-esteem and hopefulness toward one's future. Learn More
Becoming a Calm Mom

by Deborah Roth Ledley, PhD; read by Lisa Larsen

NEW! Now Available

Becoming a Calm Mom balances scientifically sound techniques from an experienced cognitive–behavioral therapist with friendly advice from fellow new moms to help moms successfully overcome the self-doubt that so often arrives along with their first bundle of joy. Learn More
Autism and Your Teen

by Blythe Grossberg, PsyD; read by Gina Rogers

NEW! Now Available

This book offers supportive advice for parents and caregivers of older children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as they navigate the path from the tween years to young adulthood. Learn More
The Forgiving Life

by Robert D. Enright, PhD; read by George Newbern

NEW! Now Available

The Forgiving Life offers scientifically supported guidance to help people forgive those in their lives who have acted unfairly and have inflicted emotional hurt. Learn More
When an Adult You Love Has ADHD

by Russell A. Barkley, PhD; read by Mike Chamberlain

NEW! Now Available

In this book, internationally renowned ADHD expert Dr. Russell Barkley explains the science behind ADHD and how you can tell if your spouse, partner, friend, adult child, or sibling may have it. Dr. Barkley shows how to guide your loved one toward the right treatment, and what to do if they don't want treatment. Learn More
Too Young to Be Old

by Nancy K. Schlossberg, EdD; read by Kim Niemi

NEW! Now Available

In this accessible and upbeat guide, Schlossberg builds on the concepts she pioneered in her smash hits Retire Smart, Retire Happy and Revitalizing Retirement with an engaging take on positive aging. Looking at the basic issues of aging—health, finances, and relationships—listeners will learn to think about and develop a deliberate plan to age happily.
Learn More
Coping With Infertility, Miscarriage, and Neonatal Loss

by Amy Wenzel, PhD; read by Coleen Marlo

NEW! Now Available

Well-known psychologist Amy Wenzel applies the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, a thoroughly-researched approach for treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and stress-related disorders, to the experience of reproductive loss. She offers strategies for coping with loss and provides a step-by-step guide to reengaging in life. With warmth and compassion, she helps listeners journey toward healing. Learn More
Parenting Children With ADHD

by Vincent J. Monastra, PhD; read by Jason Vu

NEW! Now Available

Engaging and straightforward, the book is directed at parents of children who have, or might have, ADHD. Dr. Monastra discusses all the relevant issues for parents, including psychological treatment, diet, educational laws, and practical coping strategies for both parents and children. Parenting Children With ADHD, now in its second edition, shows how you can become your child's best advocate, helping to improve attention, behavioral control, and social skills. Learn More
Teaching Life Skills to Children and Teens With ADHD

by Vincent J. Monastra, PhD; read by Asa Siegel

NEW! Now Available

Teaching Life Skills to Children and Teens With ADHD describes the Life Skills Program created by author Vincent J. Monastra at his ADHD clinic. It features practical strategies for helping children and teens develop essential life skills at home, school, or in a support group setting. Learn More
Beyond Your Bubble

by Tania Isreal; read by Tania Isreal

NEW! Now Available

As featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, TED Talks, and the Orange County Register, this practical, politically neutral book offers concrete skills for holding meaningful conversations that cut across today's intense political divide, showing listeners how to connect to the people in their lives. Learn More
Nature Meets Nurture

by Dr. Stacey N. Doan, PhD and Dr. Jessica L. Borelli; read by Diana Blue

NEW! Now Available

Every parent has pondered "nature vs. nurture" questions. How much of my child's personality and behavior is inborn? How much is learned? This important book, written by behavioral scientists who are also mothers, has answers. Learn More
The Truth About Lying

by Victoria Talwar, PhD; read by Erin deWard

NEW! Now Available

All children lie. But when your child lies to you, it can feel like a personal betrayal. Backed by years of psychological research, this common-sense, practical guide reveals which parenting strategies promote truthfulness in children—and which ones don't. Learn More
Raising Kids

by Sheri Glucoft Wong LCSW and Olaf Jorgenson EdD; read by Nan McNamara

In Raising Kids, family therapist and parent educator Sheri Glucoft Wong and Silicon Valley private school head Olaf Jorgenson team up to deliver a down-to-earth guide to parenting that is as encouraging as it is illuminating. Learn More
The Caregiver's Guide to Memory Care and Dementia Communities

by Rachael Wonderlin; read by Natasha Soudek

This practical guide provides general caregiving tips and helps you decide when and how to transition your loved one to a dementia care community. Learn More
How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means)

by James Breakwell; read by James Breakwell

In a series of funny, sharply observed, and occasionally poignant essays, everyone's favorite internet-famous father of four daughters lays down a lifetime of lessons in what it means to be a man. Learn More
How Are You? Connection in a Virtual Age

by Therese Rosenblatt, PhD; read by Kelli Tager

By turns a memoir, a chronicle, and a provocative contemplation of our new socially distanced and virtual world, How Are You? tells the story of how a therapist found herself plunged overnight into the unsettling reality of a pandemic and all-virtual therapy. Learn More
Escaping Emotional Abuse

by Beverly Engel; read by Stephanie Richardson

The world-renowned therapist and author of the groundbreaking self-help classic The Emotionally Abusive Relationship delves into the most destructive and powerful weapon of the abuser: shame. Learn More
We Came, We Saw, We Left

by Charles Wheelan; read by P.J. Ochlan

We Came, We Saw, We Left is the insightful and often hilarious account of one family's gap-year experiment. Learn More
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