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Leading in the Digital World

by Amit S. Mukherjee; read by Steve Menasche

The definitive book on leadership in the digital era: why digital technologies call for leadership that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity. Learn More

by Daniel Nettle; read by Matthew Waterson

Bringing together the latest insights from psychiatry, psychology, and philosophy, Daniel Nettle sheds light on happiness, the most basic of human desires. Nettle examines whether people are basically happy or unhappy, whether success can make us happy, what sort of remedies to unhappiness work, why some people are happier than others, and much more. Learn More
The Love Principle

by Dr. Michael B. Brown; read by Chris Sorensen

In just ten steps, Dr. Michael B. Brown provides a clear path through a discipline of daily loving that will lead you to purpose and joy in life. Follow these steps to bring meaning to your home, romantic relationships, workplace, personal friendships, and your own sense of self. Learn More
Open Innovation Results

by Henry Chesbrough; read by Mike Lenz

Open Innovation Results offers a clear-eyed view of the challenges and realities that limit the ability of organizations to create and profit from innovation. Learn More
How to Change the World

by David Bornstein; read by Mike Lenz

Published in more than two dozen countries, How to Change the World has become a bible for the field of social entrepreneurship. It tells the stories of people building innovative and pattern-changing solutions to social and economic problems. Learn More
Navigating Life with Chronic Pain

by Sara Clayton, PhD, Robert A. Lavin, PhD, & Lindsay Zilliox, MD; read by Suzie Althens

Navigating Life with Chronic Pain provides accessible, comprehensive, and up-to-date information about the challenges patients, family, and caregivers face when confronted by chronic pain. Learn More
How to Drink

by Vincent Obsopoeus; edited, translated, and introduced by Michael Fontaine; read by Roger Clark

In How to Drink, Michael Fontaine offers the first proper English translation of Obsopoeus's text, rendering his poetry into spirited, contemporary prose and uncorking a forgotten classic that will appeal to drinkers of all kinds and (legal) ages. Learn More
The Little Book of Support for New Moms

by Beccy Hands & Alexis Stickland; read by Gemma Dawson

A survival guide to the emotional and physical roller coaster of becoming a new mom. Learn More

by Eleanor Aldridge; read by Emily Ellet

From Eleanor Aldridge, a fresh approach to visiting the "city of love." Learn More
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

by Tracy Hogg; read by Gabrielle Baker

In this groundbreaking book, Tracy Hogg shares simple, accessible programs in which you will learn: how to get baby to eat, play, and sleep on a schedule that will make every member of the household's life easier and happier; how to interpret what your baby is trying to tell you; and more. Learn More
How To Make It in the New Music Business

by Ari Herstand; read by Ari Herstand

Hailed as an "indispensable" guide (Forbes), How to Make It in the New Music Business returns in this extensively revised and expanded edition. Learn More
Kid Food

by Bettina Elias Siegel; read by Vanessa Daniels

In Kid Food, nationally recognized writer and food advocate Bettina Elias Siegel explores one of the fundamental challenges of modern parenting: trying to raise healthy eaters in a society intent on pushing children in the opposite direction. Learn More
Pity the Reader

by Suzanne McConnell & Kurt Vonnegut; read by Karen White

The art and craft of writing by one of the few grandmasters of American literature, a bonanza for writers and readers written by Kurt Vonnegut's former student. Learn More
Joy Seeker

by Shannon Kaiser; read by Shannon Kaiser

Joy Seeker is international speaker and empowerment coach Shannon Kaiser's transformational approach to life, drawn from her own life-changing experiences. Learn More
Before and After the Book Deal

by Courtney Maum; read by

Covering questions ranging from the logistical to the existential (and everything in between), Before and After the Book Deal is the definitive guide for anyone who has ever wanted to know what it's really like to be an author. Learn More
Lead Like Walt

by Pat Williams; read by BJ Harrison

Whether you are building a small business from the ground up or managing a multinational company, you can learn the seven key traits for leadership success from one of the greatest business innovators and creative thinkers of the twentieth century: Walt Disney. Learn More
About Us

by Andrew Solomon - foreword, Peter Catapano - editor; read by Coleen Marlo & Jonathan Todd Ross

Based on the pioneering New York Times series, About Us collects the personal essays and reflections that have transformed the national conversation around disability. Learn More
A Loving Approach To Dementia Care, 2nd Edition

by Laura Wayman

A Loving Approach to Dementia Care offers practical, compassionate advice on overcoming caregiving obstacles and maintaining meaningful relationships with loved ones who have dementia and memory loss. Learn More
Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life

by Inna Khazan, PhD

In Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life, Harvard Medical School faculty member Inna Khazan pairs biofeedback techniques with mindfulness practice to address some of life's most common ailments—from anxiety and fear to stress and insomnia. Learn More
A Craftsman’s Legacy

by Eric Gorges; read by Eric Gorges

The host of TV's A Craftsman's Legacy makes the case that the craftsman's way—the philosophy, the skills, and the mindset—can provide a helpful blueprint for all of us in our increasingly hurried, mass-manufactured world. Learn More
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