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by Michael Power; read by Shawn Compton

This collection of essays deals with the situated management of risk in a wide variety of organizational settings—aviation, mental health, railway project management, energy, toy manufacture, financial services, chemicals regulation, and NGOs. Learn More
How to Do Nothing

by Jenny Odell; read by Rebecca Gibel

A galvanizing critique of the forces vying for our attention—and our personal information—that redefines what we think of as productivity, reconnects us with the environment, and reveals all that we've been too distracted to see about ourselves and our world. Learn More
Making Space, Clutter Free

by Tracy McCubbin; read by Tracy McCubbin

Decluttering expert Tracy McCubbin offers revolutionary help to anyone who has repeatedly tried to break their clutter's mysterious hold. Her powerful answer lies in the 7 Emotional Clutter Blocks, unconscious obstacles that stood between thousands of her clients and financial freedom, healthy relationships, and positive outlooks. Learn More
Financial Literacy

by Olivia S. Mitchell & Annamaria Lusardi; read by Kitty Hendrix

This volume explores how financial literacy can enhance peoples' ability to make informed economic choices. Learn More
Overcoming Overwhelm

by Dr. Samantha Brody; read by Piper Goodeve

A groundbreaking four-step solution to stress and overwhelm—tailored to your life. Learn More
Writing to Persuade

by Trish Hall; read by Tanya Eby

From the former New York Times Op-Ed page editor, a definitive and entertaining resource for writers of every stripe on the neglected art of persuasion. Learn More
Opening Strategy

by Richard Whittington; read by Matthew Lloyd Davies

Opening Strategy recounts the origins and development of Strategy as a profession from the middle of the last century to the present day. Learn More
Radical Responsibility

Fleet Maull, PhD; read by Barry Abrams

With Radical Responsibility, Fleet Maull invites us to experience for ourselves the life-changing journey from victim to cocreator. Learn More
Signs from the Other Side

by Bill Philipps; read by Bob Souer

Who hasn't wished they could ask a departed loved one for advice, or heal an unresolved rift, or even just ask where they hid their grandmother's strand of pearls? While mediums sometimes resist the flow of communications they receive from the "other side," the best of them—like Bill Philipps—know what solace such messages can provide. Learn More
How to Think about War

by Thucydides; translated by Johanna Hanink; read by David de Vries

An accessible modern translation of essential speeches from Thucydides's History that takes listeners to the heart of his profound insights on diplomacy, foreign policy, and war. Learn More
How to Keep Your Cool

by Seneca; translated by James S. Romm; read by PJ Ochlan

Timeless wisdom on controlling anger in personal life and politics from the Roman Stoic philosopher and statesman Seneca. Learn More
The Power of Attachment

by Diane Poole Heller, PhD; read by Susan Hanfield

How traumatic events can break our vital connections—and how to restore love, wholeness, and resiliency in your life. Learn More
Ghosted and Breadcrumbed

by Dr. Marni Feuerman; read by Devon Sorvari

The lure of the unavailable man is a mystery to many. Why is she wasting her time? But, for many others, it is a deep-seated pattern. With empathy and compassion, Dr. Marni Feuerman helps women see their situations clearly, understand the historical, emotional, and psychological reasons behind their actions, and, most importantly, make better choices for themselves. Learn More
How to Sleep Well

by Dr. Neil Stanley; read by BJ Harrison

How to Sleep Well is a guidebook that can change your sleep and help you live your life more fully. Learn More
Alzheimer's Disease

Mary T. Newport, MD; read by Randye Kaye

In the second edition of the bestseller Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure?, Dr. Newport, a neonatal practitioner, continues the story of Steve's progress and provides the most recent research on a variety of topics, including possible causes of Alzheimer's and how infection, inflammation, and genetic makeup may affect an individual's response to fatty acid therapy. Learn More
The Book of No

by Susan Newman, PhD; read by Virginia Wolf

Social psychologist and author Dr. Susan Newman empowers you to break your debilitating "yes" habit with her simple techniques and insights. Learn More
Did You Just Eat That?

by Paul Dawson & Brian Sheldon; read by Matthew Boston

When it comes to food safety and germs, there are as many common questions as there are misconceptions. And yet there has never been a book that clearly examines the science behind these important issues—until now. Learn More
Dear Parents

by Jon McGee; read by Graham Rowat

Written for parents and families of college-bound students, Jon McGee's Dear Parents is an essential tool you'll need to navigate the complex and often emotional challenge of getting your daughter or son prepared for—and through—college. Learn More
Healing a Spouse's Grieving Heart

by Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD; read by John Pruden

Helping widows and widowers learn how to cope with the grief of losing their helpmate, their lover, and perhaps their financial provider, this guide shows them how to find continued meaning in life when doing so seems difficult. Learn More
Love, Money, and Parenting

by Matthias Doepke & Fabrizio Zilibotti; read by Eric Michael Summerer

An international and historical look at how parenting choices change in the face of economic inequality. Learn More
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