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Making Motherhood Work

by Caitlyn Collins; read by Xe Sands

A moving, cross-national account of working mothers' daily lives—and the revolution in public policy and culture needed to improve them. Learn More
The Book of Ceremony

bySandra Ingerman ; read by Laural Merlington

With The Book of Ceremony, shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman presents a rich and practical resource for creating ceremonies filled with joy, purpose, and magic. Learn More
Good to Go

by Christie Aschwanden; read by Allyson Ryan

An eye-opening, myth-busting exploration of how the human body can best recover and adapt to sports and fitness training. Learn More
Diabetes Weight Loss: Week by Week

by Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, CDE; read by Kitty Hendrix

Diabetes Weight Loss—Week by Week guides people with diabetes through the steps toward lasting weight loss, better health, and possibly improved blood glucose control. Learn More
Real-Life Guide to Diabetes

by Hope S. Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM and Joy Pape RN, BSN, CDE, WOCN, CFCN; read by Callie Beaulieu

Here's everything you need to know about diabetes in a one-of-a-kind book packed with information you won't find anywhere else. Learn More
Your Type 2 Diabetes Action Plan

by American Diabetes Association ADA, Contributor Kate Ruder; read by Randye Kaye

Designed specifically for those are ready to take action, Your Type 2 Diabetes Action Plan is a concise, step-based approach to quickly improving blood glucose management and quality of life. Learn More
The Diabetes 2-Month Turnaround

by Laura Hieronymus CDE, BC-ADM and Stacy Griffin, PharmD, CPT; read by Donna Postel

Perfect for those who were just diagnosed or those who have had diabetes for a number of years and simply need to tighten self-care, this simple, effective program is the perfect way to get back in shape. Learn More
What Do I Eat Now?

by Tami A. Ross, RDN, LD, CDE, MLDE and Patti B. Geil, MS, RDN, CDE, MLDE, FAND, FAADE; read by Jo Anna Perrin

For those simply looking to be told what to eat, What Do I Eat Now? has everything needed to take the guesswork out of healthy meal planning. Start eating better today! Learn More
Your First Year with Diabetes

by Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE; read by Laural Merlington

Your First Year with Diabetes is a friendly, interactive and informative resource that helps people to discover meaningful ways to find and stay motivated on their path towards health living. Learn More
How to Be Free

by Epictetus; Translator, Introduction by Anthony Long; read by Shaun Grindell

A superb new edition of Epictetus's famed handbook on Stoicism—translated by one of the world's leading authorities on Stoic philosophy Learn More
How to Grow Old

by Marcus Tullius Cicero, Translator, Introduction by Philip Freeman; read by Roger Clark

Worried that old age will inevitably mean losing your libido, your health, and possibly your marbles too? Well, Cicero has some good news for you. In How to Grow Old, the great Roman orator and statesman eloquently describes how you can make the second half of life the best part of all—and why you might discover that reading and gardening are actually far more pleasurable than sex ever was. Learn More
How to Be a Friend

by Marcus Cicero, Translator, Introduction by Philip Freeman; read by Shaun Grindell

An honest and eloquent guide to finding and treasuring true friends, How to Be a Friend speaks as powerfully today as when it was first written. Learn More
The Art of Social Media

by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick; read by Amanda Ronconi

By now it's clear that whether you're promoting a business, a product, or yourself, social media is near the top of what determines your success or failure. For beginners overwhelmed by too many choices as well as seasoned professionals eager to improve their game, The Art of Social Media is full of tactics that have been proven to work in the real world. Or as Guy puts it, "great stuff, no fluff." Learn More
Become the Force

by Daniel M. Jones; read by Kevin T. Collins

For anyone who has watched and fallen in love with the Star Wars films and wanted to become a Jedi (just as Daniel M Jones did as a young boy). This is the first and only Jedi Bible. Learn More
The Secrets of Story

by Matt Bird; read by Eric Michael Summerer

From the creative force behind the Cockeyed Caravan, the busy online resource for writers, comes a revolutionary and comprehensive writing guide for the 21st Century. Learn More
How to Study

Ron Fry; read by Patrick Lawlor

More than 3 Million Copies of the Series Sold!

The best-selling How to Study has helped millions of students study smarter, not harder. For its 25th anniversary, it is undergoing the most extensive revision in a decade. Learn More
The Art of Seduction

Robert Greene; read by Joseph Powers


The Art of Seduction is an indispensable primer of persuasion that reveals one of history's greatest weapons and the ultimate form of power. Learn More
How to Bake Pi

Eugenia Cheng; read by Tavia Gilbert

A groundbreaking popular book that uses cooking to shed light on the heart of mathematics. Learn More
How to Raise a Wild Child

Scott D. Sampson; read by Sean Runnette

American children today spend 90 percent less time playing outdoors than their parents did; instead, they spend an average of 7 hours a day interacting with a screen. Scott Sampson asserts that not only does exposure to nature help relieve stress, depression, and attention deficits, it also reduces bullying and helps to boost academic scores Learn More
How to Raise a Drug-free Kid

Joseph A. Califano Jr.; read by James Yaegashi

The highly acclaimed comprehensive guide to getting your child through the formative pre-teen, teen, and college years drug-free?now completely revised and updated. Learn More
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