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Sonic Warrior

Nonfiction: Autobiography & Memoir
Unabridged   7.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 04/14/2020

Sonic Warrior

My Life as a Rock N Roll Reprobate: Tales of Sex, Drugs, and Vomiting at Inopportune Moments

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Digital Download ISBN:9781684579600


Sonic Warrior is a collection of insane-but-true stories from the career of rock radio legend Lou Brutus.

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Product Description

Sonic Warrior is a collection of insane-but-true stories from the career of rock radio legend Lou Brutus. Each chapter is a separate tale that careens around his forty-plus years of covering concerts, interviewing music's biggest stars, and influencing generations of radio listeners. Starting with the first show he attended and continuing to the present day, stops along the way include Live Aid in Philadelphia, the Arctic, Live Earth in London, and the New Jersey Turnpike. Whether having his life energy drained through the palm of his hand by Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, watching cocaine get snorted off a stripper's ass in Pantera's dressing room, or drooling in his own lap after smoking some kind of mutant mind warp demon weed with Snoop Dogg, Brutus gives a hilariously unvarnished look at the realities of the music industry from his fly-on-the-wall, "I'm just the guy here to interview the band" vantage point. The book also features a foreword by his friend Corey Taylor, Grammy Award–winning singer for Slipknot and Stone Sour.


“I’ve known Lou for most of my career, and in that time I’ve never encountered anyone as knowledgeable, focused, determined and yes, RESPECTFUL. He’s a fierce supporter of rock and music in general. Not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. One of the best in the biz.” ―David Draiman, Disturbed

“Lou Brutus is the most genuine radio guy in the biz. He’s gone above and beyond for us since the day we met. A class act and a true to the bone music fan as well.” ―Alecia Mixi Demner, Stitched Up Heart

Author Bio

Lou Brutus lives the dream of millions by traveling the Earth attending concerts and interviewing rock stars. He's spent his life blasting tunes on the radio, becoming the first to play all your favorite bands, and gaining access to literally thousands of music events. He has severe hearing damage.