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Star Wars: Dark Empire

Performance - Spoken Word
Fiction: SciFi/Fantasy
Unabridged   2.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 05/05/2005

Star Wars: Dark Empire

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Audio CD ISBN:9781565119710
Digital Download ISBN:9781598876451


Six years after the battle of Endor, the fight for freedom rages on.

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Product Description

Han Solo and Princess Leia, now married, struggle to protect their twin children from danger. Darth Vader is dead, but a reborn Empire strikes back against the Rebel Alliance, and the Rebels discover that their greatest foe may be their closest friend: Luke Skywalker!

Written by John Whitman, based on Tom Veitch’s comic
Directed by Arthur G. Insana
Music by John Williams

John Cygan as Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and Darth Vader
Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian
Joe Hacker as Han Solo, Boba Fett and Lo Khan
Ann Patricio as Princess Leia and Mon Mothma
Nick Jameson as Emperor Palpatine and Titus Klev
Jim Ward as C-3PO
Andy Cowan as Admiral Ackbar
Glynnis Talken as Salla Zend and Vima-Da-Boda