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Still Standing

Nonfiction: Politics & Current Events
Unabridged   11 hour(s)
Publication date: 07/28/2020

Still Standing

Surviving Cancer, Riots, a Global Pandemic, and the Toxic Politics that Divide America

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684577897
Digital Download ISBN:9781684577880


Still Standing reveals how an unlikely governor is sparking a whole new kind of politics—and introduces the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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Product Description

As the rookie Republican governor of deep-blue Maryland, Larry Hogan had already beaten some daunting odds. A common-sense businessman with a down-to-earth style, he had won a long-shot election the Washington Post called "a stunning upset." He'd worked with cops and neighborhood leaders to quell Baltimore's worst rioting in forty-seven years. He'd stared down entrenched political bosses to save his state from fiscal catastrophe, winning praise from Democrats, Republicans, and independents. But none of that prepared him for the life-threatening challenge he would have to face next: a highly aggressive form of late-stage cancer. Could America's most popular governor beat the odds again?

The people of Maryland, with their "Hogan Strong" wristbands, were certainly pulling for him, sending him back to the governor's office in a landslide. As Governor Hogan began his second term cancer-free, his next challenge went far beyond Maryland: bringing our divided country together for a better future.

In his own words, Larry Hogan tells the feel-good story of a fresh American leader being touted as the "anti-Trump Republican." A lifelong uniter at a time of sharp divisions. A politician with practical solutions that take the best from all sides. An open-hearted man who has learned important lessons from his own struggles in life.

Author Bio

Larry Hogan is the sixty-second governor of Maryland and chairman of the National Governors Association. Recently reelected in a landslide, he is only the second Republican governor in Maryland history to win a second term. He lives with his wife, Yumi Hogan, in the historic state capital of Annapolis. Ellis Henican is a newspaper columnist, a television commentator, and coauthor of several New York Times bestsellers, including Let Me Finish (with Chris Christie).