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Sweeney on the Rocks

Fiction: Mystery
Unabridged   7 hour(s)
Publication date: 08/27/2019

Sweeney on the Rocks

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684574179
Digital Download ISBN:9781684574162


From Allen Morris Jones comes Sweeney on the Rocks, a literary crime novel that shows how we can run from ourselves, but can never really hide.

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Product Description

Ted Sweeney. Affable everyman in small-town Montana. Tailgate hung on with baling wire, owner of his own business. Ten minutes ago, his biggest worry had been how to pay for the engagement ring rattling around in his pocket. But that was before he came home to find a corpse tidily arranged in his favorite recliner, his "old pal of a piece of furniture." Is it a warning or a setup or what? Sweeney can't help but admire the efficiency of the work, the slice deep across the guy's throat. Somebody knew what they were doing.

Sweeney dumps the body into the Yellowstone River without attracting attention. But over the next few days, as the corpse tumbles its way downstream, Sweeney's complicated circumstances gradually start rolling into the unflattering light. His is a story that includes the waning days of Italian wise guys in Brooklyn, the rise of the Russian mafia, and his own reluctant retreat into the witness protection program. Throw in a bag of uncut "rocks" (diamonds), an ex-wife turned country sheriff, a beloved mentor that might or might not be dead, and a former mistress cashing in favors, and we have a literary crime novel that shows how we can run from ourselves, but can never really hide.


“Think Goodfellas with a screenplay by Donald E. Westlake, set in the landscape of A River Runs through It―a unique and tasty treat for crime-fiction fans.”―Booklist Starred Review

“Jones has written a smashing crime novel, adding to his perfectly pitched comic voice with nicely drawn characters and a strong sense of place.”―Kirkus Reviews

Author Bio

Allen Morris Jones is the author of the acclaimed novels Last Year's River, which was chosen as a Barnes and Noble Discover pick, and A Bloom of Bones, which was an honorable mention for the Montana Book Award. He lives in Montana with his wife and young son.