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The Marvel of Martyrdom

Nonfiction: History; Social Science
Unabridged   8.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 05/07/2019

The Marvel of Martyrdom

The Power of Self-Sacrifice in a Selfish World

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684570447
Digital Download ISBN:9781684570454


The Marvel of Martyrdom is about how self-sacrifice can change lives and how martyrs can change the world.

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Product Description

The Marvel of Martyrdom is about how self-sacrifice can change lives and how martyrs can change the world.

The book starts large—with famous and influential martyrs such as Jesus and Gandhi—and ends small—with ordinary people whose own experiences of self-sacrifice give martyrdom its political power. Seeking the developmental origins of self-sacrifice, the book explores children's folklore and the success of mega-hits such as The Matrix and Harry Potter. Seeking the everyday rewards of self-sacrifice, the book shows the potential for finding meaning and happiness in helping others.

The Marvel of Martyrdom takes a broad perspective on self-sacrifice and martyrdom, bringing together religion, popular culture, history, psychology, and mythology. Stories of individuals both famous (Gandhi) and obscure (Rodrigo Rosenberg) intertwine with research on altruism, happiness, and radicalization to terrorism. The changing landscape of the book's setting—from The Roman Empire to nineteenth-century Russia to Nazi Germany to post–World War II India, to present day Ukraine—makes the power of self-sacrifice and martyrdom come alive and shows their potential to change people and cultures.

Author Bio

Sophia Moskalenko is a psychologist who studies terrorism, radicalization, martyrdom, and self-sacrifice. Clark McCauley is Research Professor of Psychology at Bryn Mawr College, a consultant and reviewer for the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, and a lead investigator with the National Consortium for Study of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism.