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The Parrot and the Igloo

Nonfiction: Science
Unabridged   13.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 07/11/2023

The Parrot and the Igloo

Climate and the Science of Denial

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Digital Download ISBN:9781696611039


The New York Times bestselling author explores how "anti-science" became so virulent in American life―through a history of climate denial and its consequences.

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Product Description

In 1956, the New York Times prophesied that once global warming really kicked in, we could see parrots in the Antarctic. In 2010, when science deniers had control of the climate story, Senator James Inhofe and his family built an igloo on the Washington Mall and plunked a sign on top: AL GORE'S NEW HOME: HONK IF YOU LOVE CLIMATE CHANGE. In The Parrot and the Igloo, bestselling author David Lipsky tells the astonishing story of how we moved from one extreme (the correct one) to the other.

The story begins with a tale of three inventors―Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and Nikola Tesla―who made our technological world, not knowing what they had set into motion. Then there are the scientists who sounded the alarm once they identified carbon dioxide as the culprit of our warming planet. And we meet the hucksters, zealots, and crackpots who lied about that science and misled the public in ever more outrageous ways. Lipsky masterfully traces the evolution of climate denial, exposing how it grew out of early efforts to build a network of untruth about products like aspirin and cigarettes.

Featuring an indelible cast of heroes and villains, mavericks and swindlers, The Parrot and the Igloo delivers a real-life tragicomedy―one that captures the extraordinary dance of science, money, and the American character.


"Mike Chamberlain's believable tone and unhurried pace make him a great choice to narrate this audiobook subtitled "Climate and the Science of Denial." He animates the author's-controlled irony and subtly brings out the frustration that runs through Lipsky's discussion." —AudioFile

Author Bio

David Lipsky is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Absolutely American and Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, which became the basis for the movie The End of the Tour. He teaches writing and literature at New York University and lives in New York.