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The Ten Worlds

Nonfiction: Health
Unabridged   11 hour(s)
Publication date: 10/02/2018

The Ten Worlds

The New Psychology of Happiness

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684413645
Digital Download ISBN:9781684413652


Enduring happiness is something we all want yet many of us fail to achieve. Look around you. How many people do you know who would say they feel a constant and powerful sense of satisfaction with their lives? How many people do you imagine wouldn't find their ability to be happy impaired by a significant loss, like the death of a parent, a spouse, or a child? How is it possible to be happy in the long-term when so many terrible things are destined to happen to us?

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Product Description

In this highly engaging and eminently practical book—told in the form of a Platonic dialogue recounting real-life patient experiences—Drs. Lickerman and ElDifrawi assert that the reason genuine, long-lasting happiness is so difficult to achieve and maintain is that we're profoundly confused not only about how to go about it but also about what happiness is.

In identifying nine basic erroneous views we all have about what we need to be happy―views they term the core delusions―Lickerman and ElDifrawi show us that our happiness depends not on our external possessions or even on our experiences but rather on the beliefs we have that shape our most fundamental thinking. These beliefs, they argue, create ten internal life-conditions, or worlds, through which we continuously cycle and that determine how happy we're able to be.

Drawing on the latest scientific research as well as Buddhist philosophy, Lickerman and ElDifrawi argue that once we learn to embrace a correct understanding of happiness, we can free ourselves from the suffering the core delusions cause us and enjoy the kind of happiness we all want, the kind found in the highest of the Ten Worlds, the world of Enlightenment.

Author Bio

Alex Lickerman is a primary care physician, who currently leads a direct primary care practice in Chicago called ImagineMD. Alex's first book, The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self, has received numerous favorable reviews from many sources, including Publishers Weekly.
Ash ElDifrawi, PsyD, has a reputation as a thought leader in clinical, social, and consumer psychology. He's been featured in the Economist, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fast Money, WSJ, NY Times, CNBC, Mashable, Crain's, Marketwatch, and Re/Code. Dr. ElDifrawi is currently the Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at Redbox.