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Two Rings

Nonfiction: Memoir / Personal Memoirs
Unabridged   7.75 hour(s)
Publication date: 03/27/2012

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Two Rings

A Story of Love and War

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Audio CD ISBN:9781611747546
Digital Download ISBN:9781611747553


In this unconventional Holocaust memoir, a love kept secret for 60 years is finally revealed.

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Product Description

Trapped in Poland in 1941, like many Jews, Millie Werber went from the Radom Ghetto to slave labor in an armaments factory, survived Auschwitz, and toiled in a second factory until liberation came on April 1, 1945. She faced death many times but lived to marry a good man and fellow survivor. Meanwhile, she concealed a photograph in her closet and carried a secret in her heart.

Many years later, Millie began telling her story to writer Eve Keller. Together, the two women rediscovered the teenage girl Millie had been during the war—and the man to whom she was married for a few brief months. Betrayed by a fellow Jewish guard, he died, leaving Millie with their wedding rings and a single photograph. Nothing else remained to prove that he ever existed. Millie never told her family about him, but she never abandoned his memory.

A worthy addition to the bestselling tradition of Holocaust coming-of-age memoirs, this is a spare, unsentimental, and indelibly poignant tale of a history reclaimed.


“Eve Keller’s impressive writing paired with Yelena Shmulenson’s gifted narration creates a moving presentation of Millie Werber’s memoir of love and survival amid the horrors of the Holocaust. . . . Shmulenson delivers the emotional impact of Millie’s tragedies and joys, and her successful use of accents adds further authenticity.”
      —AudioFile [Earphones Award winner]

“Schmulenson’s cadences and inflections express Werber’s emotions, and her clear, steady speaking voice allows us to fully grasp Werber’s ‘ardent love in the midst of the horror.’”

“Yelena Shmulenson reads with a slight Polish accent and a young but strong voice, just as one might expect of Millie. She is able to express both the highs and the lows of Millie’s sweet, strong story very well.”
      —Sound Commentary

“A deeply affecting addition to Holocaust literature . . . wholly engrossing, written with exceptional immediacy and attention to detail.”
      —Kirkus Reviews

“An exquisitely told story of love in the darkest of times. . . . Despite its sorrow, this memoir is full of deep delight in the human condition, in our ability to love in the midst of war and in the face of death.”

Author Bio

MILLIE WERBER is in her 80s and lives on Long Island. She moved to the US in 1946, started a family with her second husband, Jack, and lived with him until his death in 2006.

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