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Understanding the Brain

Nonfiction: Science
Unabridged   8.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 12/18/2018

Understanding the Brain

From Cells to Behavior to Cognition

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684416547
Digital Download ISBN:9781684416554


An examination of what makes us human and unique among all creatures—our brains.

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Product Description

An examination of what makes us human and unique among all creatures—our brains

No listener curious about our "little gray cells" will want to pass up Harvard neuroscientist John E. Dowling's brief introduction to the brain. In this up-to-date revision of his 1998 book Creating Mind, Dowling conveys the essence and vitality of the field of neuroscience—examining the progress we've made in understanding how brains work, and shedding light on discoveries having to do with aging, mental illness, and brain health. The first half of the book provides the nuts-and-bolts necessary for an up-to-date understanding of the brain. Covering the general organization of the brain, early chapters explain how cells communicate with one another to enable us to experience the world. The rest of the book touches on higher-level concepts such as vision, perception, language, memory, emotion, and consciousness. Lucidly written, this introduction elegantly reveals the beauty of the organ that makes us uniquely human.


“Only a rare talent could demystify the complexity of the brain in sentences available to all readers without sacrificing the details that accuracy requires. John Dowling has written the best summary for those outside neuroscience who want to know the current understanding of the brain and its relation to mind.” —Jerome Kagan, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

Author Bio

John E. Dowling is professor emeritus at Harvard University, and has done extensive research into the neurobiology of vision. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.