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You Can Trust Me

Fiction: Thriller
Unabridged   11 hour(s)
Publication date: 08/25/2020

You Can Trust Me

Available from major retailers or BUY FROM AMAZON
Audio CD ISBN:9781684578511
Digital Download ISBN:9781684578504


The much-anticipated new psychological thriller from the author of Where the Missing Go.

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Product Description

Nicky Wilson tells other people's stories. A successful ghostwriter, she's penned tell-alls by actors, athletes, television chefs—weaving interviews and anecdotes into memoirs of love, loss, and overcoming adversity. The celebrities get bestseller status, while Nicky pockets her paycheck and moves on.

Olivia Hayes, Nicky's new client, is the Martha Stewart of influencers, a domestic goddess with a perfectly accessorized home in the English countryside, a handsome husband, and impeccable taste. Through thousands of artfully hash-tagged posts, Olivia shares endlessly, while somehow retaining an air of mystery that enthralls her followers.

Olivia agrees to let Nicky into her house for a week, though she's frustratingly aloof at first, and seems resentful of Nicky's presence. Yet little by little, Nicky breaks through the cracks in the glamorous façade. She notices Olivia's strained relationship with her husband, her overcautious parenting of their toddler, and the money worries the family can't hide. And then there are deeper secrets—including a tragedy that may shine light not just on Olivia's past, but on how far she'll go to preserve the life she's made. Soon, Nicky will learn the truth about Olivia. But it may be much more than she wanted to know . . .


“A gripping mystery in two compelling voices, exposing the dark side of influencer culture.” —Claire McGowan, author of WHAT YOU DID

Author Bio

Emma Rowley is a writer, ghostwriter, and editor with a background in journalism—formerly of the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph. A graduate in classics and English at Oxford University, Emma trained as a journalist on the prestigious City University course. She lives in London.