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Seth Godin. Steve Chandler. Bob Nelson. John Bogle. Ken Blanchard. Neil Rackman. Catch these and many of your other favorite business and finance writers—in their own words or as read by others— on these audio collections.

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100 Ways to Motivate Others

Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson; read by Steve Chandler

Be the great leader you’ve always wanted to be with 100 pithy, persuasive alternatives to the usual way most of us try to motivate others—by downloading our anxiety onto theirs. Learn More
100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Steve Chandler; read by Steve Chandler

Live the life you’ve always wanted to live! 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself is packed with techniques for breaking down negative barriers and pessimistic thoughts that prevent you from fulfilling your goals and dreams. Learn More
1001 Ways to Energize Employees

Bob Nelson; read by Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson presents useful management concepts in a highly accessible and usable way. Learn More
1001 Ways to Inspire

David E. Rye; read by Alexander Marshall

Motivation is the single most important management strategy you will ever need to ensure your personal, professional and organizational success. And 1,001 Ways to Inspire shows you how to re-apply motivation in everything you do. Learn More
1001 Ways to Reward Employees

Bob Nelson; read by Bob Nelson

Management expert Bob Nelson provides 1001 ways to provide the right reinforcement to get and reward excellent performance. He took the seeds of an idea and turned it into something indispensable for business. Learn More
101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions

Ron Fry; read by Ron Fry

This bestselling guide identifies the all-time toughest interview questions—and provides proven responses that can turn a sweaty-palmed experience into a successful encounter. Learn More
101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions (Unabridged)

Ron Fry; read by Patrick Lawlor

More than 1 Million Copies Sold!

No matter how good you look, how much research you’ve done, or how perfectly your qualifications match the job description, if you’re not prepared with great answers to the toughest interview questions, you won’t get the job. Learn More
50 Ways to Create Great Relationships

Steve Chandler; read by Steve Chandler

Best-selling author and relationship guru Steve Chandler offers proven tips, strategies, and insights that can help you build and maintain loyal, meaningful relationships. Learn More

Tim Harford; read by Jonathan Keeble

When faced with complex problems, we have all become accustomed to looking to our leaders to set out a plan of action, to blaze a path to success. Learn More
American Foreign Relations

by Andrew Preston; read by Keith Sellon-Wright

This Very Short Introduction analyzes the key episodes, themes, and individuals in the history of American foreign relations. Learn More
Are We There Yet?

by Dan Albert; read by Michael Butler Murray

In Are We There Yet?, Dan Albert combines historical scholarship with personal narrative to explore how car culture has suffused America’s DNA. Learn More
Ask the Right Questions, Hire the Best People, Fourth Edition

by Ron Fry; read by Patrick Lawlor

Whether you're an interviewing novice or a seasoned pro, you'll find all the answers you need in Ask the Right Questions, Hire the Best People, including new chapters on questions for managers and executives, identifying core competencies, and unearthing hidden objections. Learn More
At What Cost

by Nicholas Freudenberg; read by Stephen Bel Davies

An incisive and powerful investigation of corporate impact on human and planetary well-being. Learn More
The Attacker's Advantage

Ram Charan; read by Mark Bramhall

From legendary business guru and #1 bestselling author Ram Charan comes a return to the Big Think business book that will guide top business leaders through uncertain times, showing them how to turn the new challenges into competitive advantage. Learn More
Bad Jobs and Poor Decisions

by J. R. Helton; read by A.T. Chandler

The unattainable quest for middle-class stability is hauntingly captured in this biting portrayal of forgotten America. Learn More
Before and After the Book Deal

by Courtney Maum; read by

Covering questions ranging from the logistical to the existential (and everything in between), Before and After the Book Deal is the definitive guide for anyone who has ever wanted to know what it's really like to be an author. Learn More

by Geoff Cohen; read by Noah Michael Levine

In Belonging, Stanford University professor Geoffrey L. Cohen applies his and others' groundbreaking research to the myriad problems of communal existence and offers concrete solutions for improving daily life. Learn More
Blown to Bits

Philip Evans and Thomas S. Wurster; read by Jeff David

Blown to Bits demonstrates how companies can re-strategize to take advantage of the new economics of information. Learn More
Boss of the Grips

by Eric K. Washington; read by David Sadzin

A long-overdue biography of the head of Grand Central Terminal's Red Caps, who flourished in the cultural nexus of Harlem and American railroads.
Learn More
Calculating Race

by Benjamin Wiggins; read by Eric Jason Martin

Offering listeners a new perspective on the historical importance of actuarial science in structural racism, Calculating Race is a particularly timely contribution as Big Data and algorithmic decision making increasingly pervade our lives. Learn More
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