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Experience our world: as it was, as it is, as it might become with these audiobooks about history, the arts, culture, education, and politics. Don't miss Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel, or Fresh Air with Terry Gross: Writers, or Gwen Ifill's The Breakthrough.

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After Eden

by John Charles Chasteen; read by Petrea Burchard

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To solve the problems of the twenty-first century, historian John Charles Chasteen argues that we must first know our shared human story. Learn More
After the End of History

by Francis Fukuyama, Mathilde Fasting; read by David Shih

A series of in-depth interviews between Francis Fukuyama and editor Mathilde Fasting, After the End of History offers a wide-ranging analysis of liberal democracy today. Drawing on Fukuyama's work on identity, biotechnology, and political order, the book provides essential insight into the rise of authoritarianism and the greatest threats faced by democracy in our present world. Learn More
After You Vote

by Courtney Emerson; read by Nicol Zanzarella

Equal parts information and inspiration, After You Vote: A Woman's Guide to Making an Impact, from Town Hall to Capitol Hill is both a primer and call-to-action for women of all ages who want to exercise their voices and engage more fully in civic life. Learn More
Against Technoableism

by Ashley Shew; read by Maria Pendolino

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A manifesto exploding what we think we know about disability, and arguing that disabled people are the real experts when it comes to technology and disability. Learn More
Against the World

by Tara Zahra; read by Natasha Soudek

A brilliant, eye-opening work of history that speaks volumes about today's battles over international trade, immigration, public health, and global inequality. Learn More
Agave Spirits

by Gary Paul Nabhan and David Suro Pinera; read by Adi Cabral

A must-listen for mezcal connoisseurs and amateurs interested in unlocking the past of a delightful distillate, Agave Spirits tells the tale of the most flavorful and memorable spirits humankind has ever sipped and savored. Learn More
The Age of Anxiety

Haynes Johnson; read by Kristoffer Tabori

Pulitzer-Prize winner Haynes Johnson boldly revisits the anti-communist hysteria of the McCarthy era to examine parallels today in this new age of terror and threat with a mix of narrative history, political commentary, and contemporary reporting. Learn More
The Age of Caesar

by Plutarch, translated by Pamela Mensch and James Romm; read by Michael Page

A brilliant new translation of five of history’s greatest lives from Plutarch, the inventor of biography. Learn More
The Age of Deer

by Erika Howsare; read by Erika Howsare

NEW! Now Available

A masterful hybrid of nature writing and cultural studies that investigates our connection with deer—from mythology to biology, from forests to cities, from coexistence to control and extermination—and invites listeners to contemplate the paradoxes of how humans interact with and shape the natural world. Learn More
The Age of Walls

by Tim Marshall; read by Nigel Patterson

Tim Marshall, the New York Times bestselling author of Prisoners of Geography, analyzes the most urgent and tenacious topics in global politics and international relations by examining the borders, walls, and boundaries that divide countries and their populations. Learn More
The Age-Proof Brain

by Dr. Marc Milstein; read by George Newbern

In The Age-Proof Brain, scientist and popular speaker Dr. Marc Milstein shares "complex science in simple (and often humorous) examples, case histories, and 'how-to' guidelines that are guaranteed to change your life" (Dr. James B. Mass). This book reveals the secrets to improving brain function, which lie in the brain's surprising connection with the rest of the body. Learn More
Alaric the Goth

by Douglas Boin; read by Chris MacDonnell

Combining vivid storytelling and historical analysis, Douglas Boin reveals the Goths' complex and fascinating legacy in shaping our world. Learn More
The Aleppo Codex

Matti Friedman; read by Simon Vance

Booklist’s Top 10 Religion and Spirituality Books

The intriguing story of the quest to recover the missing pages from one of the world’s most important holy texts: the 1,000-year-old Hebrew Bible known as Aleppo Codex. Learn More
Alexander Graham Bell

by Edwin S. Grosvenor and Morgan Wesson; read by Donald Corren

Here, Edwin Grosvenor, American Heritage's publisher and Alexander Graham Bell's great-grandson, tells the dramatic story of the race to invent the telephone and how Bell's patent for it would become the most valuable ever issued. Learn More
Alexandra Petri's US History

by Alexandra Petri; read by Alexandra Petri

A witty, absurdist satire of the last 500 years, Alexandra Petri's US History is the fake textbook you never knew you needed. Learn More
Alien Virus Love Disaster

by Abbey Mei Otis; read by Nicole Poole & Eric Martin

Washington Post Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2018

Abbey Mei Otis has long been fascinated in using strange situations to explore dynamics of power, oppression, and grief, and the twelve stories collected here are at once a striking indictment of the present and a powerful warning about the future. Learn More
All They Will Call You

by Tim Z. Hernandez; read by Tim Z. Hernandez

Combining years of painstaking investigative research and masterful storytelling, award-winning author Tim Z. Hernandez weaves a captivating narrative from testimony, historical records, and eyewitness accounts, reconstructing the incident and the lives behind Woody Guthrie's legendary song "Deportee." Learn More
All Things Shining

Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly; read by David Drummond

A wide-ranging look at the loss of meaning in the West, and a gripping guide for how to retrieve it. Learn More
All This Marvelous Potential

by Matthew Algeo; read by David Colacci

All This Marvelous Potential retraces Robert F. Kennedy's 1967–68 tour of eastern Kentucky and provides a new portrait of the politician—a politician of uncommon courage who was unafraid to shine a light on our shortcomings. Learn More
All Up

by J.W. Rinzler; read by Paul Woodson

AudioFile Earphones Winner

Bestselling Star Wars author and former Lucasfilm creative executive J. W. Rinzler combines actual and speculative history in a sweeping re-creation of the dramatic race to develop rockets, dominate the skies over Earth, and explore our Solar System—an epic that rages through World War II and culminates with the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. Learn More
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