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From comedians George Carlin and Paula Poundstone to the Pretty Good Jokes series from A Prairie Home Companion, these audio collections are sure to keep you laughing. For more fun, check out the Car Talk collections under Public Radio.

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A Prairie Home Companion: Live from the Hollywood Bowl

performed by Garrison Keillor and cast

The complete farewell performance of Prairie Home host Garrison Keillor. Learn More
A Prairie Home Companion 25th Anniversary Collection

Garrison Keillor; performed by Garrison Keillor and an ensemble cast

This anniversary release features highlights from 25 years on the air plus 7 new stories stories never before available on audio. Learn More
Plenty of Pretty Good Jokes

Garrison Keillor; performed by Garrison Keillor, Roy Blount Jr., Calvin Trillin, Paula Poundstone and an ensemble cast

Includes all the jokes from the first eight Joke Shows. Learn More
Old Jews Telling Jokes

Sam Hoffman and Eric Spiegelman

Audie® Award Winner

Hilarious, sometimes raunchy tales lustily told by amateur comedians, all Jewish, all over 60. A hysterically funny celebration of Jewish language and culture. Contains explicit material. Learn More
Oh, the Things I Know!

Al Franken; read by Al Franken

A Grammy® nominee.

The bestselling author and Emmy®-winning television star guides graduates across the uncertain seas of post-academic life. Inspired, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud funny. Learn More
NPR More Funniest Driveway Moments

Hosted by Robert Krulwich

A followup to the successful NPR Funniest Driveway Moments, with even bigger names and even funnier stories. Learn More
NPR Funniest Driveway Moments

Hosted by Robert Krulwich

A collection of some of the funniest stories and interviews with the funniest people on NPR. Learn More
North by Northwest: Paula Poundstone Live!

Paula Poundstone

Unscripted and unforgettable, Paula Poundstone shines in this "double-live" showcase of her brilliant comedy performances. Learn More
None of My Business

by P.J. O'Rourke; read by Johnny Heller

After decades covering war and disaster, bestselling author and acclaimed satirist P. J. O'Rourke takes on his scariest subjects yet—business, investment, finance, and the political chicanery behind them. Learn More
News from Lake Wobegon

Garrison Keillor; performed by Garrison Keillor

One of the best-selling spoken audios of all time, this is the original collection of Garrison Keillor monologues. Learn More
New and Not Bad Pretty Good Jokes

Garrison Keillor; performed by Garrison Keillor, Paula Poundstone, and an ensemble cast

Originally the bonus CD in the Plenty of Pretty Good Jokes compendium, this collection from Joke Shows 7-8 is now available separately. Learn More
Napalm and Silly Putty

George Carlin; performed by George Carlin

Napalm & Silly Putty is just what his fans have been waiting for—another generous helping of notions, nonsense, assertions, assumptions, mockery, merriment, silliness, sarcasm, and, to be sure, plenty of disturbing references and toxic alienation. George wouldn't have it any other way. Learn More
More Napalm and Silly Putty

George Carlin; performed by George Carlin

What his candid take on "life's little moments" lacks in political correctness, it more than makes up for in gut-busting laughs. He's the guy who dares say what the rest of us hesitate even to think. Learn More
Mommies Who Drink

Brett Paesel; read by Brett Paesel

Wickedly funny and irreverent, yet deeply honest and touching, Mommies Who Drink confronts a brave new world of motherhood. Learn More

Nell Zink; read by Cassandra Campbell

A sharply observed, mordantly funny, and startlingly original debut from an exciting, unconventional new voice, about the making and unmaking of the American family that lays bare all of our assumptions about race and racism, sexuality and desire. Learn More
Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

Rhoda Janzen; read by Hillary Huber

Written with wry humor and huge personality—and tackling faith, love, family, and aging—Mennonite in a Little Black Dress is an immensely moving memoir of healing, certain to touch anyone who has ever had to look homeward in order to move ahead. Learn More
Man vs. Child

by Doug Moe; read by Doug Moe

Balancing relatable humor with heartfelt advice, Man vs. Child will appeal to any dad looking for both laughs and real guidance from a man who has had—and survived—these experiences himself. A perfect Father’s Day gift or present for a first-time dad! Learn More

by Ian Doescher & Jacopo della Quercia; read by Susan Bennett, Rachel Botchan, Eliza Foss, Christopher Gebauer, Johnny Heller, Brian Hutchison, Jennifer O’Donnell, Thomas Picasso, Jonathan Todd Ross, T Ryder Smith, Henry Strozier, Jaine Ye, and Adam Grupp

NEW! Now Available

For listeners craving a humorous antidote to the sound and the fury of American politics, this clever satire, written in iambic pentameter in the style of Shakespeare, wittily fictionalizes the events of the first two years of the Trump administration. Learn More
Mac on a Hot Tin Roof

by Melinda Metz; read by Elise Arsenault

NEW! Now Available

Melinda Metz presents Mac on a Hot Tin Roof, inspired by the true story of a kleptomaniac cat who stole his way into America's heart. Learn More
Love, Sex and Other Foreign Policy Goals

Jesse Armstrong; read by Chris Addison

In Jesse Armstrong's debut novel, Love, Sex, and Other Foreign Policy Goals, a group of activists decide to take a play to the former Yugoslavia at the height of the war. Learn More
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