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The Last Link

Nonfiction: Business & Economics / Management
Unabridged   5.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 07/24/2007

The Last Link

Closing the Gap That Is Sabotaging Your Business

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Audio CD ISBN:9781598875553
Digital Download ISBN:9781598875560


In Crawford’s twenty-five years combating profit killers for Fortune 500 companies, he has discovered that most organizations have the same weakness: There is a gap between their careful plans and what actually happens. Crawford offers sharp research and watertight solutions.

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Product Description

A business expert explains how any business can strengthen its numbers by making the connection between corporate strategy and customer interface—between planning and sales.

Most organizations have the same weakness. There is a gap between their careful plans and what happens at the point where the sales force meets the customer. In his 25 years combating profit-killers for Fortune 500 companies, Gregg Crawford has seen this again and again. Companies have almost everything they need to succeed. All that’s missing is one final connection—the last link.

Countless companies spend millions of dollars to develop and disseminate strategies they believe will lead to corporate growth, strong profits, and secure margins. Often, these strategies become expensive bookends. Crawford exposes the money pit that impotent strategies create; offers sharp, researched analysis and practical company-wide fixes; and describes a watertight implementation process to move the numbers in the right direction—by linking strategy with sales.


“(Reader) Adam Grupper uses an urgent tone to good effect in this searing lesson on staying connected with customers. His approach fits the writing, which is vigorous and analytical in its intent on making CEOs take notice.”

Author Bio

GREGG CRAWFORD heads the California-based BayGroup International, a performance improvement consulting firm he established in 1980. For the past quarter century, he and his 130-person staff have worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including Fortune 500 industry leaders. His organization has trained the entire sales forces for numerous companies, including global conglomerates such as Hewlett-Packard. Some of his clients have been with him for decades, working through changing market conditions, growth challenges, increased competition, and eventual mergers and acquisitions.

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