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Teaching Life Skills to Children and Teens With ADHD

by Vincent J. Monastra, PhD; read by Asa Siegel

Teaching Life Skills to Children and Teens With ADHD describes the Life Skills Program created by author Vincent J. Monastra at his ADHD clinic. It features practical strategies for helping children and teens develop essential life skills at home, school, or in a support group setting. Learn More
Beyond Your Bubble

by Tania Isreal; read by Tania Isreal

As featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, TED Talks, and the Orange County Register, this practical, politically neutral book offers concrete skills for holding meaningful conversations that cut across today's intense political divide, showing listeners how to connect to the people in their lives. Learn More
Nature Meets Nurture

by Dr. Stacey N. Doan, PhD and Dr. Jessica L. Borelli; read by Diana Blue

Every parent has pondered "nature vs. nurture" questions. How much of my child's personality and behavior is inborn? How much is learned? This important book, written by behavioral scientists who are also mothers, has answers. Learn More
The Truth About Lying

by Victoria Talwar, PhD; read by Erin deWard

All children lie. But when your child lies to you, it can feel like a personal betrayal. Backed by years of psychological research, this common-sense, practical guide reveals which parenting strategies promote truthfulness in children—and which ones don't. Learn More
Raising Kids

by Sheri Glucoft Wong LCSW and Olaf Jorgenson EdD; read by Nan McNamara

In Raising Kids, family therapist and parent educator Sheri Glucoft Wong and Silicon Valley private school head Olaf Jorgenson team up to deliver a down-to-earth guide to parenting that is as encouraging as it is illuminating. Learn More
The Caregiver's Guide to Memory Care and Dementia Communities

by Rachael Wonderlin; read by Natasha Soudek

This practical guide provides general caregiving tips and helps you decide when and how to transition your loved one to a dementia care community. Learn More
How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means)

by James Breakwell; read by James Breakwell

In a series of funny, sharply observed, and occasionally poignant essays, everyone's favorite internet-famous father of four daughters lays down a lifetime of lessons in what it means to be a man. Learn More
How Are You? Connection in a Virtual Age

by Therese Rosenblatt, PhD; read by Kelli Tager

By turns a memoir, a chronicle, and a provocative contemplation of our new socially distanced and virtual world, How Are You? tells the story of how a therapist found herself plunged overnight into the unsettling reality of a pandemic and all-virtual therapy. Learn More
Escaping Emotional Abuse

by Beverly Engel; read by Stephanie Richardson

The world-renowned therapist and author of the groundbreaking self-help classic The Emotionally Abusive Relationship delves into the most destructive and powerful weapon of the abuser: shame. Learn More
We Came, We Saw, We Left

by Charles Wheelan; read by P.J. Ochlan

We Came, We Saw, We Left is the insightful and often hilarious account of one family's gap-year experiment. Learn More
Talk to Me Like I'm Someone You Love, Revised Edition

by Nancy Dreyfus, PsyD; read by Gabra Zackman

Talk to Me Like I'm Someone You Love is a brilliant interactive relationship tool that can help couples stop arguing and begin healing. Learn More
Healing Your Child’s Brain

by Matthew Newell, Carol Newell; read by Joe Hempel

In Healing Your Child's Brain, child development experts Matthew and Carol Newell arm parents with the knowledge, confidence, and tools they need to help their special-needs child flourish. Learn More
Make Your Move

by Jon Birger; read by Michael Butler Murray

In Make Your Move: The New Science of Dating and Why Women Are in Charge, Jon Birger, author of Date-onomics, offers women bold new strategies for finding the one. Learn More
What to Eat When You Want to Get Pregnant

by Nicole Evena; read by Leslie Howard

In What to Eat When You Want to Get Pregnant, diet and nutrition expert Dr. Nicole Avena offers revolutionary science-based advice for women and men who are either thinking about having a baby, already trying, or dealing with fertility issues. Learn More

by Berit Brogaard; read by Janet Metzger

Berit Brogaard explores the moral psychology of one of our most complex, and vivid emotions. Learn More

by Matthew John Bocchi; read by Timothy Andres Pabon

In the first memoir told by a child of 9/11, Matthew John Bocchi intimately delves into the psychological and emotional torment that ensued after his father's death. His unique story is one full of heartbreak and despair, grief and uncertainty, but most importantly, happiness and hope. The lesson he teaches us is clear but intricate: No matter how far you fall, you can always rise again. Learn More
The Madwoman and the Roomba

by Sandra Tsing Loh; read by Sandra Tsing Loh

Sandra Tsing Loh, author of The Madwoman and the Volvo, presents her latest book. Learn More
The New Adolescence

by Christine Carter, PhD; read by Christine Carter, PhD

Foreward Indie Finalist

A highly acclaimed sociologist and coach at UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center and the author of Raising Happiness, Dr. Christine Carter melds research with her own real-world experiences as the mother of four teenagers. In The New Adolescence, you'll find realistic ways to help teens and preteens find joy, focus, ease, motivation, fulfillment, and engagement. Learn More
Why Did I Come into This Room?

by Joan Lunden; read by Joan Lunden

Why Did I Come into This Room? is a funny "What to Expect When You're Expecting" for the aging woman. Learn More
In Our Prime

by Susan J. Douglas; read by Coleen Marlo

Do you see women your age portrayed as puttering gardeners and docile grannies? Do you feel bombarded by anti-aging products that insist you must "defy" getting older? Do you feel invisible in professional and social situations? And have you had enough and are you ready to challenge the intertwining of sexism and ageism in our culture? Learn More
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