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Refuse to Be Done

by Matt Bell; read by Matthew Boston

NEW! Now Available

They say writing is rewriting. So why does the second part get such short shrift? Refuse to Be Done will guide you through every step of the novel writing process, from getting started on those first pages to the last tips for making your final draft even tighter and stronger. Learn More
How to Tell a Story

by Aristotle; translated with commentary by Philip Freeman; read by Gareth Richards

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An inviting and accessible new translation of Aristotle's complete Poetics—the first and best introduction to the art of writing and understanding stories. Learn More
How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means)

by James Breakwell; read by James Breakwell

NEW! Now Available

In a series of funny, sharply observed, and occasionally poignant essays, everyone's favorite internet-famous father of four daughters lays down a lifetime of lessons in what it means to be a man. Learn More
The Self-Esteem Regime

by Clarissa Burt; with Gary M. Krebs; foreword by Sharon Lechter; read by Clarissa Burt

NEW! Now Available

Despite years of progress, many women today continue to suffer from low self-esteem. In her revelatory and prescriptive work The Self-Esteem Regime, internationally renowned multimedia producer, supermodel, award-winning actress, and public speaker Clarissa Burt offers down-to-earth advice for women to help them manifest self-confidence in all aspects of their lives. Learn More
How to Be a Farmer

by M. D. Usher; read by Tom Perkins

NEW! Now Available

A delightful anthology of classical Greek and Roman writings celebrating country living—ranging from a philosophy of compost to hymns to the gods of agriculture. Learn More
The Slightly Greener Method

by Tonya Harris; read by Tonya Harris

Creating a healthy, non-toxic home often feels like a losing battle. The Slightly Greener Method gives you small, actionable changes you can easily make in your pantry, medicine cabinet, and under your kitchen sink—without breaking the bank or upending your life. Learn More
The Neuroscience of Memory

by Sherrie D. All, PhD, Paul E. Bendheim, MD; read by Sherrie D. All, PhD

As we age, our memory naturally declines—but there are scientifically proven ways to enhance brain and memory function. This book, grounded in cutting-edge neuroscience, will help you get started. Learn More
How to Keep an Open Mind

by Sextus Empiricus, Richard Bett; read by Tom Parks

Along with Stoicism and Epicureanism, Skepticism is one of the three major schools of ancient Greek philosophy that claim to offer a way of living as well as thinking. How to Keep an Open Mind provides an unmatched introduction to skepticism by presenting a fresh, modern translation of key passages from the writings of Sextus Empiricus, the only Greek skeptic whose works have survived. Learn More
How to Tell a Joke

by Marcus Tullis Ciccero, Michael Fontaine; read by Roger Clark

How to Tell a Joke provides a lively new translation of Cicero's essential writing on humor alongside that of the later Roman orator and educator Quintilian. The result is a timeless practical guide to how a well-timed joke can win over any audience. Learn More
The Art of Creative Writing

by Lajos Egra; read by Dennis Kleinman

Thousands of books have been written on the subject of writing and how to do it better. Among them are a few select classics that reveal the essential elements of good storytelling. The Art of Creative Writing is such a classic. Learn More
How to Be Content

by Horace; selected by Stephen Harrison; translated by Stephen Harrison; introduced by Stephen Harrison; read by PJ Ochlan

In How to Be Content, Stephen Harrison provides fresh, contemporary translations of poems from across Horace's works that continue to offer important lessons about the good life, friendship, love, and death. Learn More
Pro-Aging Playbook

by Paul Jarrod Frank, MD; read by Daniel Henning

Hailed as "the Beauty Guru" by his celebrity and international patients, renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has written a book designed to help people of all ages navigate the latest technologies and lifestyle choices in the beauty and wellness industry so they can positively transform the way they look and feel. Learn More

by Jennifer Howard; read by Emily Durante

Jennifer Howard sets her own personal struggle with clutter against a meticulously researched history of just how the developed world came to drown in material goods. Learn More
How to Give

by Seneca; translated by James S. Romm; read by James Cameron Stewart

Timeless wisdom on generosity and gratitude from the great Stoic philosopher Seneca. Learn More
Dream Makers

by Jim Morris & Mark Stuertz; foreword by Dennis Quaid; read by Kyle Tait

Discover the tenacity, ambition, and captivating talent of the pitcher who inspired the hit Disney film The Rookie. Learn More
Powering Prosperity

by Indranil Ghosh; read by Kyle Tait

In Powering Prosperity: A Citizen's Guide to Shaping the 21st Century, Dr. Indranil Ghosh brings together his decades of experience as a sustainable economic development investor, an entrepreneur, and an MIT-trained scientist, to provide a new framework for understanding the world's challenges and the choices societies must make to address them. Learn More
Leading in the Digital World

by Amit S. Mukherjee; read by Steve Menasche

The definitive book on leadership in the digital era: why digital technologies call for leadership that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity. Learn More

by Daniel Nettle; read by Matthew Waterson

Bringing together the latest insights from psychiatry, psychology, and philosophy, Daniel Nettle sheds light on happiness, the most basic of human desires. Nettle examines whether people are basically happy or unhappy, whether success can make us happy, what sort of remedies to unhappiness work, why some people are happier than others, and much more. Learn More
The Love Principle

by Dr. Michael B. Brown; read by Chris Sorensen

In just ten steps, Dr. Michael B. Brown provides a clear path through a discipline of daily loving that will lead you to purpose and joy in life. Follow these steps to bring meaning to your home, romantic relationships, workplace, personal friendships, and your own sense of self. Learn More
Open Innovation Results

by Henry Chesbrough; read by Mike Lenz

NEW! Now Available

Open Innovation Results offers a clear-eyed view of the challenges and realities that limit the ability of organizations to create and profit from innovation. Learn More
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