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Jews and Booze

by Michael Levin; read by Barry Abrams

NEW! Now Available

Michael Levin examines the stigmas surrounding addiction and recovery in the Jewish community. Learn More
The Edge of the Plain

by James Crawford; read by James Crawford

NEW! Now Available

A wide-ranging journey through the history of borders and an exploration of their role in shaping our world today. Learn More
Operation Underworld

by Matthew Black; read by Jonathan Todd Ross

NEW! Now Available

The never-before-told true story of how mobster Charles "Lucky" Luciano—the US Mafia boss who put the "organized" into organized crime—was recruited by US Naval Intelligence to turn the tide of WWII. Learn More
The Pursuit of Dominance

by Christopher J. Fettweis; read by Tristan Morris

NEW! Now Available

A sweeping yet concise account of history's empires that managed to maintain dominance for long stretches. Learn More
I Dream with Open Eyes

by George Prochnik; read by Malcolm Hillgartner

NEW! Now Available

A journey of reckoning and renewal, this story of family history and future dreams is an examination of the individual imagination as a catalyst for social change. Learn More
Over the Wall

by Kevin M. Hallinan; with Rob Travalino; read by Steve Marvel

NEW! Now Available

Lieutenant Kevin M. Hallinan's adventure-packed and insightful journey through the evolution of law enforcement, the rise of counterterrorism, and the birth of modern sports security. Learn More
Gold, Oil and Avocados

by Andy Robinson; read by Andre Bellido

NEW! Now Available

In Gold, Oil, and Avocados, Robinson takes listeners from the salt plains of Chile to the depths of the Amazonian jungle to stitch together the story of Latin America's last decade, showing how the imperial plunder of the past carries on today under a new name. Learn More
Finding Francis

by Elizabeth J. West; read by Machelle Williams

NEW! Now Available

A family story full of twists and turns, Finding Francis reclaims and honors those women who played an essential role in the historical survival and triumph of Black people during and after American slavery. Learn More
Anatomy of 55 More Songs

by Marc Myers; read by Michael Butler Murray

NEW! Now Available

Following his 2016 smash hit Anatomy of a Song, acclaimed music journalist Marc Myers collects fifty-five new oral histories of iconic songs from his popular Wall Street Journal column. Learn More
Do Everything

by Christopher H. Evans; read by Elizabeth Wiley

The first biography of Frances Willard to be published in over thirty-five years, Do Everything explores Willard's life, her contributions as a reformer, and her broader legacy as a women's rights activist in the United States. Learn More
Dark Carnivals

by W. Scott Poole; read by Enrique McGavin

The panoramic story of how the horror genre transformed into one of the most incisive critiques of unchecked American imperial power. Learn More
The Big Bang of Numbers

by Manil Suri; read by Eric Jason Martin

An engaging and imaginative tour through the fundamental mathematical concepts—from arithmetic to infinity—that form the building blocks of our universe. Learn More
Indigenous Continent

by Pekka Hamalainen; read by Kaipo Schwab

A prize-winning scholar rewrites 400 years of American history from Indigenous perspectives, overturning the dominant origin story of the United States.
Learn More
The Envoy

by Gordon Sondland; read by Jonathan Todd Ross

This is a behind-the-scenes look at Trump, his cabinet, and an international diplomacy you've never seen before. Learn More
Fighting for Justice

by Mark Shaw; read by Greg D. Barnett

Packed with shocking new evidence, Fighting for Justice exposes the cover-ups of the JFK assassination and the murders of Dorothy Kilgallen and Marilyn Monroe, while revealing for the first time the corrupt inner workings of the Warren Commission based on the firsthand "whistleblower" account of an actual Commission member never identified before. Learn More

by Georgette F. Bennett, Jerry White; read by Jonathan Yen

A brave and timely proposal to name, investigate, and ultimately stop a new crime—the mass murder of millions of people for their faith. Learn More
Victory Is Assured

by Stanley Crouch; introduction by Jelani Cobb; afterword by Wynton Marsalis; edited by Glenn Mott

The grievous loss of Stanley Crouch, one of America's most renowned intellectuals, is underscored by the posthumous appearance of these remarkable essays. Learn More
Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War

by Adam D. Mendelsohn; read by Adam Barr

This book offers an engaging account of the experiences of Jewish soldiers in the Union Army during the Civil War. Learn More
A Brilliant Commodity

by Saskia Coenen Snyder; read by Susan Ericksen

Following diamonds from African mines to the necklines of high society women, this international history shows why Jews were central to the transatlantic gem trade and its growth into a global industry. Learn More
The Great Air Race

by John Lancaster; read by Jonathan Todd Ross

The incredible, untold story of the men who risked their lives in the first transcontinental air contest―and put American aviation on the map. Learn More
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